Diabetes is a growing problem in southern Nevada. Join us for classes that
  will help you avoid or control diabetes.

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Comprehensive Diabetes Training & Education
For those newly diagnosed with diabetes or needing a refresher course,a variety of group classes are available at various times. During a one-on- one visit with your diabetes educator, a plan will be recommended to meet your specific needs.Physician referral and pre-visit with Outreach Center educat...
Diabetes Self-Management Program
This six-week program offers support, healthy eating tips, medication management, and communication skills. Compliments your current medical treatment.
Diabetes Survival Skills
Have you just learned that you have diabetes? Join the St. Rose diabetes team to learn how to manage your newly diagnosed diabetes.
National Diabetes Prevention Program
Modest lifestyle changes can help you avoid the bigger changes that come with managing type 2 diabetes. Enroll in this 12-month program to get the assistance you need.
Stanford Plus
Are you a Medicare beneficiary? This education program can help you manage your diabetes! A clinical champion will help you set goals. Available in English and Spanish. Call 702.616.4975 for more information.
What is Prediabetes?
Learn from a registered dietitian how to avoid or delay diabetes.